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        What services can be provided for enterprises that invest in Pingshan?


        Q: What services can be provided for enterprises that invest in Pingshan?

        A:Pingshan District will guide and assist enterprises with procedures that involve departments of industry and commerce, health, public security, fire, environmental protection, planning commission, and foreign trade and economic commission, such as name examination and approval, verification, pre-approval, enterprise filing, approval of articles of contracts and tax registration. The district also guides and assists enterprises with procedures, like customs, foreign currency exchange, and personnel registration for permanent residence, electricity, gas and water supplies. The district's Economic Services Bureau will provide guidance and assistance to enterprises in application for setting up a foreign-invested enterprise, approval of processing trade contracts, approval of domestic sale of imported materials in processing trade, examination and approval of projects that intends to enter the district and other procedures. In August 2011, a new administrative service center, locating in the Qixing Building on Jinniu Road West, was open to public. Eighteen government departments set up service windows in the center.